Runan County builds new energy electric vehicle industry cluster

Highlight pillar industries and form agglomeration effect. The county regards the development of the new energy electric vehicle industry as the primary task of the county's industrial development, and has established a new energy low-speed electric vehicle industry chain. The chain strengthens the chain, and promotes the development and growth of the industry, making it better and stronger. Increase support for electric vehicle enterprises to promote continuous expansion of production capacity; guide enterprises to upgrade processes and equipment, and encourage enterprises to implement skills transformation. At the same time , relying on the advantages of the new energy electric vehicle industry, Lima Vehicle Industry is assisted in applying for the production qualification of low-speed four-wheel electric passenger vehicles, and the energy level of the chain is improved.

Prominent planning guidance, rational planning and layout. The county invited experts to make a scientific plan for the development of the electric vehicle industry, clarified the orientation and development goals of the industry, and proposed to build Runan into the largest electric vehicle production standard birthplace , technology research and development center and spare parts production distribution center in China. and actively connect with electric vehicle manufacturers, electric vehicle industry associations and scientific research units, and rely on the production processes of Lima, Lvjia and other enterprises to establish a provincial- level electric vehicle quality inspection center; entrust China Electronics Engineering Design Institute Co., Ltd. The development zone plan shall be revised, and the overall planning and rational layout shall be made to form the optimal pattern for the development of the new energy electric vehicle industry.

Compile industry map and actively promote investment promotion. The county revised and improved relevant policies to give preferential tax, land, and charges to investment-inviting enterprises to enhance the competitiveness of investment-inviting enterprises. Establish a chain-length system around the "4 +N" industrial system, compile an industrial map to attract the big and strong, keep an eye on key domestic electric vehicle manufacturing bases such as Taizhou in Zhejiang, Wuxi in Jiangsu, and Tianjin, actively go out to carry out special investment promotion, and continue to attract more enterprises to settle in, Empowering the agglomeration and development of the new energy electric vehicle industry. In 2021, 12 projects including Ao Niu Vehicle Industry, Boma Vehicle Industry, Anben Vehicle Industry, Wanwei Vehicle Industry, Dingli Lithium Battery, and Yuxing Seat will be signed.

Optimize the development environment and ensure good service. The county has formulated and issued implementation opinions to provide support in terms of funds, land, talents, infrastructure, and technological innovation. Continued to promote the reform of "delegating power, delegating power, improving management and improving efficiency", the rate of "one-stop service" matters, the coverage rate of "Internet + supervision" items, and the favorable rate of government services all reached 100%. Fully implement the "13710" and "17110" work systems, list, concretize, and project work tasks, refine measures, consolidate responsibilities, pull out lists, and establish a closed-loop implementation of clear responsibilities, performance, supervision, and accountability mechanism to ensure that all tasks are completed on time. Carry out in-depth "ten thousand people helping ten thousand enterprises" activity, with "problem solving, enterprise satisfaction" as the standard, "point handling, bat ch processing" for key issues, practically do practical things for enterprises, solve problems, and fully help enterprises to solve problems.

Work hard and move forward bravely. The county adheres to the principle of "project is king", makes full efforts in implementing the strategy of strengthening the county by industry, and continues to promote the development and growth of the new energy electric vehicle industry. It strives to achieve an output of 2 million vehicles and an output value of 6.2 billion yuan this year. By the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, it will become an important research and development and manufacturing base for new energy electric vehicles in the country.

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